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I help businesses drive traffic to their website by writing high-quality SEO content. I write blog posts, website content, white pages, and email copy to drive more sales and increase profit margins. 

I have written for every industry, from health and wellness to architecture to digital marketing. I have extensive experience in keyword research and can seamlessly imbed keywords into website content. 

I am a ghostwriter and do not own my work, but I have included samples of articles I have written in the past for a variety of industries below. I can send additional samples upon request.

Please reach out if your company needs high-quality content for their website or marketing efforts. 

Work Samples

Article sample for zepto vape-world's first credit card sized vaporizer

"It’s evident we’ve come a long way since the days of reefer madness, and it is becoming harder to argue against the benefits cannabis can provide users who suffer from a variety of medical ailments. Fortunately, more acceptance of the plant has lead to more research and experimentation. As a result, the possible ways to consume and, in turn, benefit from cannabinoid properties has exploded in recent years. Individuals no longer only have the option to smoke cannabis but can ingest the substance through edibles, place concentrated tinctures under their tongue and even vaporize the material, so they do not inhale the carcinogens associated with burning plant matter."

article sample for evisort review

"We’ve all been there. You can remember sending the contract months ago, but you can’t remember the exact agreement or when the contract is set to expire. When you go to search for it, it has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. 

You check your sent folder, your entire hard drive, every storage platform your organization uses and...nothing. The panic slowly starts to creep in. 

With Evisort, never feel that panic of losing an important document again. "

article sample on "how to avoid getting catfished on dating apps"

"It’s 2020 and dating has never been more difficult. Those who have the luck of meeting someone in public or at work are becoming rarer and the majority of people are turning to dating apps to conveniently and efficiently comb through the pool of potential partners. 

While meeting someone online means you don’t have to leave your couch to spark a connection, it also can be dangerous. The ugly truth is, as easy as it is to swipe left or right, it’s just as easy to pretend to be someone else and catfish a trusting and unsuspecting individual."

Sample Website content for vancouver law firm

"When filing a claim for long term disability, time is of the essence. There is a set period of time following your accident or incident where you are able to provide “proof of claim.” Many people are unaware of this time period as the language was buried deep in a complicated contract. This is how insurance companies win. Many long term disability cases are lost due to simple mistakes made because the person filing a claim was simply unaware of the specific rules set in place. "

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