Shits not all bad

Shits not all bad


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I feel overwhelmed 80% of the time. I am clumsy, I sport a new stain on my shirt on the daily, and I am known to forget, misplace and straight up lose all of my possessions. However, when I sit down and put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard, I’m pretty damn eloquent. Writing is one of the only times when my mind feels at ease, when the anxious thoughts quiet from an uproar to a rumble, and I can actively explore, compartmentalize, and contemplate. Writing is my lungs letting go of the breath I forgot I was holding, my shoulders dropping to relieve the tension I had built up, and my back muscles releasing under a hot stream of water. It is my sanity, my sanctuary. To honor this passion and to continue to seek relief from my anxiety and depression, I have finally decided to build some discipline when it comes to my practice. I try to post once a week on topics ranging from my experience as a Latina growing up in a multicultural household, my unwavering love for my husband, my constant journey dealing with my mental health issues, and so much more. I hope to connect with other writers through this platform and grow my network of people who find solace through their words. I would love advice and help refining and revising my work so please reach out if you have any ideas, suggestions or just want to chat! I would love to eventually be a published and a full time author. This is the way I explore and break down my world.

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